ATP-SW Series Air Intake Temperature Probe Overview

The ATP-SW Series of Air Intake Temperature probes from The Sensor Connection are race-proven, professional, temperature sensors that are designed to deliver accurate and reliable air intake temperature measurements, both on and off the track. 

These air intake probes feature a robust mineral-insulated metal sheath with enclosed measuring junction and a heavy-duty transition joint with spring strain relief. The probe has a 0.125" diameter (3 mm) that is stepped down to 0.050 inches (1.27 mm) 90-degree bend to accommodate tight mounting locations. The probe comes with an adjustable (316 Stainless Steel) 1/8" NPT compression fitting adapter for installation. The stainless steel over-braided cable offers heavy-duty abrasion resistance, with FEP insulated signal wires for added protection. We also offer Kapton insulated wire or fiberglass insulated wire.

The ATP-SW Series is the go-to choice for professional racing teams, R&D test labs, and enthusiasts. These high-temperature air intake sensors help to optimize engine performance & emissions.

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ATP-SW Series

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