How To Shorten An EGT Probe Sensor Cable

Hello, and thank you for choosing HGSI-The Sensor Connection. Today we will demonstrate how to shorten an EGT probe signal cable.

To perform this task, you will need the following tools and materials:

- A one inch length of 1/4 inch Heat Shrink Tubing
- Safety Glasses
- Diagonal Pliers
- Wire Strippers suitable for 20 Gauge Wire
- End Cutters
- A Heat Gun
- A Tape Measure
- And a Permanent Marker

Begin by using the End Cutters to remove the cable ties from the EGT probe cable.
Next, measure the desired length of the cable and mark with the Permanent Marker
Make another mark approximately one inch from the first mark
Using the Diagonal Pliers, snip the cable at the point of the first mark.
Next, using the Diagonal Pliers, starting at the second mark, carefully trim and remove the stainless steel outer braiding.
Take extra caution not to nick any of the internal wires. This can cause a short or reading errors.
Once the stainless steel outer braiding is removed the yellow Teflon outer jacket is exposed.  This outer jacket can be removed using a pair of Wire Strippers.  Once removed this will expose the 2 signal wires.
Using the Wire Strippers, strip about a 1/4” from the ends of each of the yellow and red signal wires.
The final step is to install the 1” length of 1/4” shrink tubing so it overlaps both the stainless steel out braiding and signal wires, then shrink the tubing using a heat gun.

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