Overview of EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature Probes

A brief overview of HGSI The Sensor Connection EGT Exhaust Gas Temperature Probes

At The Sensor Connection, we strive to deliver products of the highest quality, reliability, and value our customers have come to expect. 

Whether your engine drives you by-land, by-sea, or by-air, The Sensor Connection offers exhaust gas temperature probes to satisfy your application.

Our EGT probes are engineered and crafted by industrial sensor manufacturing and design professionals with a practical knowledge of your demanding requirements.

The Sensor Connection EGT probes are manufactured in the United States at an ISO-9001 (*) certified facility using the highest quality materials available.  Each probe is hand tested and inspected to ensure you receive a dependable product that is ready to go out of the box.

The EGT probe’s stem is made from 600 series Inconel (**), a high-performance superalloy developed to survive in extreme high temperature environments.

The cable’s signal wires are stranded for greater flexibility, with a Teflon outer jacket for high resistance to liquids including water, fuel, and oil.  An overall stainless steel over-braid protects the cable from cuts, nicks, and abrasion.

Do you have a unique OEM project? Our engineering team will design custom probes to meet your specific requirements.
With the largest selection of high performance EGT probes available anywhere, choose the industry leaders.
The Sensor Connection… performance and reliability is our business.
Thanks for being on our team!

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