Product Overview of PMD1XT Series LED Digital Display Pyrometer Gauge

Product Overview of PMD1XT Series LED Digital Display Pyrometer Gauge

Hello, and thank you for your interest in The Sensor Connection’s PMD1XT Series digital pyrometer gauge!

The PMD-1XT Series gauge has advanced operations including max temperature recall, high temperature alarm, and analog retransmitting output. All this in a sleek, compact package, that’s competitively priced.

The PMD-1XT’s high resolution digital microprocessor ensures accurate temperature measurement of your engine parameters, giving you peace of mind when driving to the extremes!

This miniature rectangular gauge is in an industry standard one-thirty-second din package.

The bright four digit LCD display is easy to read, even in direct sunlight.

The gauge’s industrial grade screw terminal strip allows for quick and easy connection of power and signal wires. 

Setup and programming of your PMD1XT gauge is simple using the three front panel push buttons.

Worried about high operating temperatures damaging your engine?  The gauge includes a fast response feedback alarm that gives a visual warning alert, plus an internal relay is triggered that can be used to control an external device, such as a fan or buzzer.

After a run, you can easily access the max temperature recall feature to display the peak temperature stored in memory.

All of our gauges are manufactured from high quality materials for optimum performance in your demanding application.

The PMD1XT Series line of digital pyrometer gauges are available now and shipping from stock.

Click the link below to shop the PMD-1XT!



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